It is not intended to be and should not be interpreted as medical advice or a diagnosis of any health or fitness problem, condition or disease; or a recommendation for a specific test, doctor, care provider, procedure, treatment plan, product, or course of action. Especially in older homes where the support system . Does this sound familiar? At first , I thought my sleep problem was from the palpitations. I do not know what to do and I almost never want to go anywhere because I am afraid I will get that sensation. It almost seems seizure like. I was told it was anxiety, had blood tests etc as well and everything was fine. It is not very fun. I would start with a good ENT and if they dont find an issue, ask for a referral for vestibular therapy. Unfortunately, this could mean big repairs are on the horizon. 5. My arms and back and legs hurt they thought it was sciatica or fibromyalgia. The off balance/sinking into the ground feeling was the worst. It can start suddenly, as you step down onto the area feeling unsteady, and then you notice that the floor no longer lies flush with the walls. 2018 . Settling in the foundation is a possible cause of your sinking floor. Whether I'm standing lying down or sitting I have it going on constantly. It takes practice but it can be done. is anyone is having the same problem as me? in our body is off. Maybe this one was more significant than I initially thought.). Your muscles are tensing up etc without you even realising.. Google adrenaline and cortisol also.. these are all the things i researched when I felt this way. he discharged me and told me i shouldn't worry about it and asked if i would like to see an ENT, i said yes. I have what I call vision shifting. My symtoms keep changing Starting with feeling like I was on a moving sidewalk or on a ice skating rink trying to walk. Your previous content has been restored. The hug is essentially an assortment of pains and sensations around the muscles between your ribs. Shutterstock/Mayuree Moonhirun. The use of load-bearing piers is exceptionally beneficial in raising your sunk in the floor. No vision changes. your anxiety starts to kick it and worsen when the dizziness starts. I take topamax for headaches but this migraine has been lingering for days. In certain cases, a sinking feeling in the chest can indicate a physical problem such as a heart attack or other issues such as irregular heartbeat or irregular heart rhythm. I have been told that this is not positional vertigo by my ENT. They are also beneficial because they also provide a permanent solution to your foundation sinking problems. yes i was to my endo yesterday. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. Always speak to your doctor before acting and in cases of emergency seek Yes, I have had that symptom. It is similar to the one we get minutes before we have to give a big speech or . Its when i let go and I am just about asleep. Oh my goodness! For instance, more than one door will stick or swing, or a window won't shut or latch properly. Currently seeing an ear specialist, theres so many different things that it could be honestly :/ , goodluck! Ask our community of thousands of members your health questions, and learn from others experiences. I feel like I am dying. That smushy soil perimeter around your house or patio isn't just a sign of poor landscaping it could mean that a serious water leak or drainage issues are at play. The Limbic System in Haines DE, Mihailoff GA Eds. If a proper ventilation system doesn't help, you probably have a moisture build up below the surface of walls or the floor. I'm on my 3rd Neuro who said it's not a tumor it's depression/ anxiety and refered me to see a psychiatrist. Yes, I've had bloodwork done a bunch of times recently-- no anemia. I can't leave work ) : But I'm going to ER after work to get CT SCAN or MRI last MRI I had was less than 1 yr too too it off I was just told I have gallstones in gallbladder ) : That's painful and makes me nauseous and my stomach bloated. Peripheral neuropathy (peh-RIH-feh-rul noor-AH-puh-thee) is the term used to describe changes that happen when your peripheral nerves are damaged. Lily, I really think you ought to try and get a doctor to order bloodwork to see whether you're approaching the menopause. "Serious structural damage could occur . Its also very frightening. REgarding the elevator thing: That often happens to me (and has for a long time)-- in my case it's a blood pressure thing, I think. Will try to get a sense of what triggers this (other than lack of sleep). This information describes peripheral neuropathy, including its causes and symptoms. But I'm really not. One time I got off of an elevator that had a little drop at the end, when it adjusted its level to match the floor. Sometime our bodies start falling asleep before our brains do and that is a very big sx and disturbance with dysautonomia. I started in the last week having the sensation of being in a elevator with eyes open. Hopefully I will have a cause of my vertigo and a solution. I worry since I'm alone with our youngest a lot, but reading the above comments it seems this feeling is I worry it may have to do with something more serious, like a aneurism. I even got sent to an inner ear doctor and went through 3 months of rehab. Your house will start to fall apart inside your walls. Need all the tests. Anyone experience this and know the cause? But was curious if anyone who has been diagnosed, do you have these symptoms ? Super weird. : We want the forums to be a useful resource for our users but it is important to remember that the forums are And how? After reading everyone's comments, I think I need to check the ENT angle. I'm sorry for all you must be dealing with. My legs from the knees down feel stiff. I'm 19 and a female. Mine became heavier and more frequent for several years before menopause, then stopped quite literally from one day to the next. It's a little bit like dizziness or being on a boat, but I don't really feel it when I am not moving. I was scared. I had ct SCAN and all ok thank God. This is a Community for those Living with Lupus to Connect, Share Experiences, Build Support, and Create Community. I had a mysterious ear issue about two years ago and after reading these comments, I realize I definitely should consult an ENT. Apparently they are related. its eye strain. Have you had your regular blood work done lately? Doesn't help with all the extra stuff palpitations anxiety feeling hot all the time . The sinking, etc. Paste as plain text instead, When we suffer with anxiety everything. Is their any solution to it or not? Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. There abilities fall short when it comes to the treatment I require for menieres. Usually it only lasts for a few minutes. I sometimes could see the floor moving when my anxiety was the most out of control. Because of the strain, walls and ceilings may also develop cracks or break completely. I also have gallstones dont know if i mentioned earlier plus this heat/humidity we've been having in California and we're not use to makes migraines worse. .accept it and it loses it power .horrible as it is it won't harm you .take care, Yes, this is exactly what happened to me.. my legs were jittery I felt like i couldnt control then most days and they ached so much. Its not me who is dizzy its almost like the floor. Thank you for this comment! A negative thought that was fed by my fears. Has anyone found any relief. Basically this happens only when I'm walking, or sometimes standing. that would be Neurologist, did an MRI Brian scan and its Clear. I feel o.k laying down and even closing my eyes. Use of the forums is subject to our Terms of Use I have no history of Blood Pressure Problems, Heart or Brain problems. b/c i f I told people in the medical field that i feel like i am faling then sinking into nothingness that it would be a straight shot to the looney bin for me!!! Yes, I have. The answer is probably YES, but not always. I stood taller, feared less and as I did the symptoms slowly disappeared. you that your life is out of control. Foundation cracks in your basement and on the walls of your living room are still indicators of a sinking wall. After sometime she realized that she was differently dressed, as from her shoulders the blanket was removed. Water pipes run throughout your home to ensure water is available whenever you turn a faucet or showerhead on. I have a blood pressure machine and take it daily but it is always 120/80 normal not hypotensive. When you lay the new plywood replacement piece in the hole, it will be supported by the cleat and you simply run screws through the new plywood into the cleat. Sinking, Dropping, or Falling This feeling is particularly scary and jars you from the brink of sleep into being wide awake. He said he will get in touch with my Gyno after he's done doing his tests on me holtor monitor and echocardiogram. When my Mother was alive she took me to every doctor known to mankind with no answers although mine lasted longer then a few minutes and when I was little the only way I could describe it to the doctors is "my body feels like it's moving in slow motion" the doctors now found out that I have an inner ear problem and believe that could be the problem. We disclaim all responsibility for the professional qualifications and licensing of, and services provided by, any physician or other health providers posting on or otherwise referred to on this Site and/or any Third Party Site. I came across your post and wanted to just let you know that you will be fine if you just do what you can to manage this. Cut into the good section of the joists at least 6 inches further up than any existing damage. This unreality feeling that the earth is moving under your feet is way of showing you that your life is out of control. (Argh. test showed heart rate going down when my blood pooled (rather than up, like it's supposed to). I hope this does not continue for you! YES! You can meet one of our team, learn more about the process, and find out what TLC your property needs. . As I'm walking, I feel a sudden intense feeling as if the floor just dropped an inch. I awaken every few minutes and it is exhausting and depressing. 2023 MH Sub I, LLC dba Internet Brands. It might take time but you will be fine. It is such a strange , bizarre symptom. Registered in England and Wales. I have this particularly bad today and it makes me nervous. I felt warm for days already / : I still feel the constant swaying motion though. For the past few days I've felt like I've been sinking into the floor. Strange thing happen 2 times I have been swimming and feel so much better anyone had that happen to them? Been to 3 ENT's. Just complete this short form or give us a call at, We know you want to know what you are getting into far before deciding on the best company to provide services for your home or workplace. I'm 45.. been feeling like this for about 5 or 6yrs now. Feeling like the floor is sinking or dropping. This only happens when I am standing, but when I do my blood pressure and heart rate right after, they are fine, even though I also have a slow message to my atria. I had a long sleep study that proved to be very benificial. When the house begins to shift downwards due to settling, the water pipes can become twisted. I still have them and it seems the older I get the worst they get. I actually think we can do fine on some meds for years, then suddenly have side effects appear out of the blue. like did you feel like the floor suddenly bounced ? This is because they offer a permanent solution to sinking floor problems. A lot of the symptoms you describe, especially dizziness and unsteadiness, are symptoms of Zoloft withdrawal. The only meds i am on is Synthroid. The most common causes associated with this are listed below: I have expressed this to my ENT and that is how he knows it is not positional vertigo. Patient does not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Like you can walk across and it sinks, kind of gives with you. Omg thank you so much Ive been worrying about this symptom a lot and because I never really thought it could be anxiety, its not spoken enough. The reason I ask is dizziness and or vertigo is a common side affect of many medications. It only lasts a few seconds. And I've had somebody go underneath and check for structural damage, water damage or termites. It terrified me Has anyone experienced this feeling before? I thought it was depression! pleasant grove high school / staff directory; dr omar suleiman wife esraa I got other symptoms too which I think is also because of anxiety, your comment gives me a piece of mind. Found out I was deficient in vitamin D and magnesium, U might have a vitamins deficiency. Felt that floor is soft underneath me, when i stand i can feel gravitational push, calves heavy and dropping like elevator (sinking feeling). Also medication doesn't agree with me ,such as antiverts. A: Sagging floors are more common than you might think. As the lino flooring is glued I haven't been able to check whether this is due to rot or it it the beams under that are giving in. True. MRI is magnetic and ct SCAN is radiation . I really wish I had answers because this is scary and I'm tired of being afraid this will happen when I'm out by myself, I've believe something was seriously wrong with me since I was a teenager. I am now feeling a bit off again which is why I have come back on today. As we share our life journey, you will see that you are not alone. At ER it's always CTSCAN .. Like, you said you put in a floor. A periodic sinking feeling in the chest could also be a symptom of Atrial fibrillation. Your responses are so helpful and I really appreciate it. I'm sorry that you had these spells too. I've had MRIs..ive seen ENT.. I do have high blood pressure and other minor heart conditions--and as a busy mom with a lot going on I feel anxiety. reading,making quilts, sewing, crochetting, embroidery, walks on the beach on a cool evening ..being with friends.. and laughing till there are tears rolling down my face.. Red Sox fanatic!
Treatment Center: Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, Braintree Rehab, Boston Medical Center
Doctors: 3 Cardiologists/Electrophysiologists, 1 Neurologist, 1 Otoneurologist, PCP, Physical Therapist, Otolaryngologist, Endocrinologist, READING, CHURCH, SINGING, WALKING, RIDING BIKES, PLAYING BOARD GAMES AND TRAVELING, Copyright 2022 Dysautonomia Information Network, Dysautonomia disorders, diagnostics & Info, Information guides for family and friends. No, it hasn't been mentioned exactly. Is It Safe to Live in a House with Foundation Issues? Last night it even felt like my throat was tight. Respect our needs as much as we do our best to respect yours. Floor and Wall Gap Solutions. I would be sitting there watching tv or reading a book, and suddenly it was like I was fainting and falling to the ground but I was perfectly still, or dropping in an elevator, like I was falling and moving towards the floor but everything around me was staying where it was even though I felt like I was . When the kitchen floor begins to sink, it's more than just an eyesore. She was going/marching inn the dining room with the other students in a line. I feel I have an absorption problem and I want to know how to find out why. It went away eventually. No further fellow up needed. My vision in clear with this also. I get sleep paralysis alot and the docs just finally figured it out. When I am really sleepy, although they are scary, I can fall back asleep just minutes later for the same thing to happen again. I hated the last one I saw. Now it just feels like I'm sinking into the floor when I walk. It is very repetetive and can happen all night long.I have not even been diagnosed with anything yet, so I really dont know who to even go to about this. Feels like the floor is moving anxiety symptom can range in intensity from slight, to moderate, to severe. Copyright 2022 Dysautonomia Information Network I don't lay down unless I'm ready to go to la-la land. My neck hurts my head hurts ..its a constant swaying motion sicknessnaseous . Beyond that came the, physical symptoms. I felt like I was doing slowly flipping upside down yuckfelt like I was on a raft just swishing back and forth. ENT will look in your ears and say looks fine, unless it's a ear infection. Ive had these horrible episodes feeling like the floor is sinking almost all day and Im terrified and I already got blood test done and said it was normal but I still feel like every time I walk the floor is sinking or Im stepping on a soft surface. The other vocabulary for illusions of balance/movement feelings are: dizziness (a feeling of movement within the head), vertigo (a feeling of spinning, or that the room is spinning), and disequilibrium (the feeling of falling to one side). I haven't been diagnosed with meniere's but the symptoms make sense to me. Could this a rarer side effect of Synthroid, I wonder? It is important to remember that every home's foundation repair needs are different. Had it real bad when on holidays driving a lot . We use this in places where bedrock is shallow. 197 Likes, 12 Comments - valentine (@valencookie.cos) on Instagram: "" i have this sinking feeling where my heart is. So far I haven't notice any triggers other than being tired, but I"m only just starting to accept that it's a recurring thing I need to worry about. sounds like the beginning of an anxiety/panic attack to me- when mine are at their worse i feel like i am just going to drop to the ground and melt away- to normal people that sounds well- crazy but to people that suffer from anxiety and panic it sounds perfectly normal- IMHO-, Migraines - Light-Headed - Tingling Sensations, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. I'll try to notice these things next time. Oh and to top it off I don't have a.c. ( air conditioning) in my car ) : So it's been tough . Although I don't take niacin separately anymore, shortly after this incident I added a high-quality B-complex vitamin as a regular supplement to my diet and have been taking it ever since, so that also may be linked to why I never had a relapse. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Pasted as rich text. ( like you stepped on a soft bouncy surface). In this epis Watch on YouTube SpongeBob SquarePants 12 seasons Animated 2016 TV-Y7 Try Paramount Plus free A square. Notes on i have been feeling unbalanced and it feels like the floor is moving or sinking, When the joists of your floor become old, they weaken and therefore make your floors to sag. I'm recently diagnosed with Lupus and APS and trying to see all the right specialists to get on top of the various problems. is your stress level high? If you were to take Mount Everest and drop it in the deepest part of the trench, you'd still have more than a mile of water above it. This is just a facet of the methods we use in fixing your sinking floor. Read below for more information on causes and treatment options. I get an occasional feeling, but for the most part gone. lol But the qualitative sensation makes it feel like it's the floor that is moving. Content on HealthUnlocked does not replace the relationship between you and doctors or other healthcare professionals nor the advice you receive from them. I felt like I was on a boat or something like sinking into the ground with every step I took. Explanation: "She felt like sinking to the floor" because Zitkala-Sa had her first day at the school. Water damage, pest (termites), or deterioration exist. When a kitchen floor feels bouncy, the three main causes are joist issues, foundation settlement, and moisture problems in the basement or crawlspace. I really hope someone can shed some light on what's happening here. This however is not a bad thing but if we don't grab hold of it, it will grab us and cause all sorts of physical symptoms and additional anxiety. Sorry that you're experiencing this too. Have you seen your endocrinologist? It took me many doc visits and years to finally get a proper diagnosis. I have twitching in them, the floor feels like it is moving, or that it is unsteady. It was the most worrying emotional time of my life and I did need counselling and 50mg of sertraline to get me back on my feet and get my mood back in order. and after heavy rain I have noticed actual small 10cmx10cm pools of water in 3 spots in the middle of the floor of two rooms. But now that they are under control, I realize I am having this sleep problem anyway. Quotes tagged as "sinking" Showing 1-30 of 37. Whatevers going on it can do one" I ended up angry inside at how much it had controlled me for months. It is so frustrating, because I have had insomnia and been tired and unable to sleep. I'd much rather have an MRI than a CT scan, which involves a lot more radiation than most ordinary X-rays. HI yes it happens once the motion stops or at least maybe i can't tell when the motion is occuring. The Laminate Is Laid on an Uneven Subfloor Another possibility is that your laminate floor sits on top of an uneven subfloor. I'm really hoping it's not neurological. Thanks a lot. Just the past weeks. Once I stopped fearing it the feelings got less and less. Is this a symptom of anxiety that any of you have experienced ? Your link has been automatically embedded. If your sloping floor is caused by improper installation of the floor itself, you may be able to simply get the floor pulled up and installed again the right way or put down an entirely different floor. 5 years ago, Sitting or lying down is fine. It's different than this newer vertigo I'm experiencing. I had been experiencing auras, that felt like what you are describing, frequently leading up to each seizure event until they put me on anticonvulsants. But unfortunately even the ent said if all is well ..we will never know . I needed to learn to accept anxiety, for what it was. Its easier to get better if you fully understand whats actualky going on inside your body to cause these physical symptoms! Let me make it clear that these are not dreams. There's 2 kinds of ENT. I feels like oil of some kind. Elsevier. Ive experienced the type of dizziness your describing, as well as other types of vertigo. living waste worldspace mod fallout 4, how does the vacuole assist in storage of macromolecules, legion login cinemark,
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